Dev Ops

We work with you to implement this strategy in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Piece of Mind Development Strategy

Globalsys implements the DevOps strategy for designing and deploying new web and mobile applications. Traditionally, companies have used a departmentally segregated method of project management, but DevOps uses a linear and inclusive approach, the benefits of which far outweigh any traditional ideology.

Project management of the past consisted of department heads meeting with upper management at the start of a project. The project was brainstormed, and each department left with their tasks in hand and a schedule of due dates. There was seldom communication between the departments, and only at the commencement of the project when pieces started to be nailed together from all of the departments, were the problems identified. This ultimately resulted in further extending deployment dates, increased project costs and angst amongst the departments.

Globalsys’ DevOps strategy is one that fosters piece of mind from the start of the project all the way to deployment. Globalsys achieves this by working in a linear fashion across the departments throughout the development of the application. The three pillars that hold this strategy in place are the Development team, Operations and Quality Assurance. All three work in open communication from the start, ensuring that all are on the same page at any phase of the project. DevOps changes the culture from segregation to ongoing collaboration.

What does the Dev Ops strategy actually look like?
  • Code – Code Development and Review, continuous integration tools

  • Build – Version control tools, code merging, Build status

  • Test – Test and results determine performance

  • Package – Artifact repository, Application pre-deployment staging

  • Release – Change management, Release approvals, release automation

  • Configure – Infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools

  • Monitor – Applications performance monitoring, End user experience

What should the goals of a Dev Ops strategy be?

Key goals lie along the entire length of the project timeline.

  • The ultimate goal is to reach the point of deployment faster. More collaboration means fewer problems and fewer delays.

  • Less risk due to an increase in quality assurance checks along the way

  • Automation of simple processes

  • Faster development as a result shared knowledge and a team work environment

  • Increased organization through tracking, reporting and monitoring

  • Excellence in standard of work, service and final project results.

What are the benefits of the DevOps strategy?
  • Shorter project development timeline and faster rate of deployment

  • Improved development techniques and tools

  • Improved end user experience

  • Clear communication and team building within the organization

  • Productivity and efficiency within the company

  • Greater reliability of web and mobile applications

  • Increased customer satisfaction through exemplary service and a high standard in application development.

Globalsys utilizes DevOps in their own organization strategy, and their consulting teams will partner with you to grow this cultural change within your organization, emphasizing the performance of the company as a whole, as opposed to the workings of individual departments. They will help you implement open communication and feedback tools amongst the departments to identify and address possible concerns before they unfold, as well as work together to brainstorm ideas to increase productivity and efficiency. Finally, the Globalsys team shows you how to support an environment of ongoing learning, testing and practice, which in turn will result in simpler and faster processes, less risk, and a more stable end product.

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