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Make a impactful first impression with a well thought out user interface that has the user experience in mind.

Design That Works

Globalsys is your point of contact for well-designed, interactive web and mobile applications. We understand that first impressions count and in business they can make or break the sale. Invest in your first impression. Make an impactful statement with your web and mobile applications that will resonate with your clients and potential new customers.

You can count on Globalsys to partner with you through the process; from establishing your goals to deployment of a user-friendly and well-designed web and mobile interface. Our UX/UI consultants are ready to take your plan of action, design a strategy around the needs of your business and your customer base, and turn it into an attainable and affordable reality.

User Experience (UX)

The user experience should be at the forefront of any web or mobile app design team’s focus. User experience dictates the success of an application. A well-received UX (User Experience) is paramount to the success of your company’s web and mobile presence. The more positive and interactive the experience, the more likely visitors will become customers.

User Interface (UI)

UI (User Interface) is the point of contact between the user/visitor and the system. Globalsys uses industry-best practices and a high standard to create a user interface for all applications. A user-friendly, simple, but interactive interface can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business online.

UX / UI Strategy

We formulate strategies for the user experience and user interface to take web and mobile applications to advanced levels of interaction and functionality.

Industry-Best Practices

You can feel confident that the solutions we propose for your business are in line with the current advancements in technology, new trends and industry-best practices.

Design For Real Users

UX is all about designing for the end user. A positive user experience is our focus from consult to deployment, which results in meeting and exceeding your business goals.


A positive user experience is not only built around visual design, it needs to include performance as well. Our strategy is to ensure a consistent, high level of performance, and to troubleshoot potential problems before they happen.

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